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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Simple and Friendly Dumpster Rentals in Glenwood MN | Bin There Dump That

Bin There Dump That Glenwood are your residential dumpster experts. We always arrive on time and our Dumpster Delivery pros are always ready to work with you to make sure the bin’s exactly where you want it.

It’s because of homeowners just like you that we’ve become one of the fastest growing dumpster rental companies in North America. We’re glad we can provide the same great customer focused service in Glenwood that’s helped us grow over many years now.

A Variety of Dumpster Sizes Because Every Project’s Different

When it’s time to rent a dumpster from Bin There Dump That you have a number of options. We’ve never believed in a one-size-fits-all approach because we know that every project is unique and has different requirements.

That’s why we’ve chosen to offer a variety of dumpster sizes in our lineup. Our smallest dumpster is a 4-yard dumpster that’s great for dealing with any landscaping clean up job, but we also offer a large 20-yard dumpster for major tasks such as clean up after flood damage or a renovation after a fire, Other options available are a 6-yard, 10-yard and a 15-yard dumpster.

Dumpster rental on driveway protection boards

Space Saving Residential Friendly Dumpsters

Renting a dumpster to dispose of waste from a home project can be a great time saving option, but it can also be an inconvenience. Having a large metal object taking up a chunk of your driveway isn’t ideal.

We can’t promise that you won’t have to make any adjustments to accommodate a Bin There Dump That dumpster on your property, but we’re happy to keep any disruptions to your everyday life to a minimum.

The compact design of our dumpsters means you can fit it off to one side in an area no larger than the family minivan leaving lots of room for your own vehicle next to it.

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Effective Driveway Protection System

We want to leave our mark in your mind because of our great service, but we don’t want to leave any physical reminders of our presence after the dumpster is gone.

That’s why we use an effective Driveway Protection System designed to prevent scratches and gouges. We use a set of wooden boards, placed between the dumpster and your property to prevent damage. It’s simple, effective and easy to implement.

What Things Shouldn’t I Put in My Rented Dumpster?

There are several common household items that don’t belong in your rented dumpster. They’re items such as old propane tanks, paint cans and window air conditioners that usually pose an environmental risk if not disposed of carefully.

What Size Dumpster Should I Use for A Bathroom Remodel?

When we rent a dumpster to a client for a bathroom remodel there are some different options related to the size of the bathroom you’re working on. We may recommend a 4, 6 or 10-yard dumpster depending on the nature of the work. These will fit your old bathroom tiles and used toilet as well.

Can I Put Furniture in My Rental Dumpster?

Our dumpsters are ideal for getting rid of old furniture and they’re all equipped with walk-in double doors that make it easy just to walk that old couch right inside. It’s a lot easier on the body than throwing a recliner over the sidewalls.

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Local Guide to Glenwood

Originally named for the abundance of wooded areas surrounding the settlement, Glenwood still lives up to its name. If outdoor adventures are your thing you’ll find plenty of opportunity to indulge in and around town. Of course there’s lots more to the City of Glenwood than just the great outdoors. Here are a few to consider.

Pope County Museum & Historical Society

There’s no better destination to learn everything there is to know about local history in the Glenwood area than the Pope County Museum & Historical Society. It’s packed full of great exhibits, artifacts and fun activities for the kids to help them learn.

Barsness Park

While Glenwood is surrounded by great parks and natural settings, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a favorite. Barsness Park is an amazing destination with outlets for just about any outdoor recreational activity you can think of. There’s a campground on site, some great hiking trails, horseshoe pits, beach volleyball courts and a whole lot more. It’s a great family friendly destination.

D. Michael B’s Resort Bar & Grill

For one of the best dining experiences around it’s worth the 15 minute drive to D. Michael B’s Resort Bar & Grill. They have a lot of choice on the menu and the wings are some of the best around. It’s always a great night out.

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